strengths and weaknesses, from my family

MUM: I would say that your strengths would be hard working, focused, creative, self motivated, self reliant, encouraging to others( on your blog you were researching for the fashion students.
Weaknesses, I would have said that you prefer to work alone which could be limiting, but after working with the fashion students that is not the case, again doing the majority of your photos in your room  – although you work well alone this could be a weakness, not being keen on studio work these are all self reliant which is also a strength (but it’s okay to have something in both!).  Sometimes if you think your not good at something you don’t try……. because your so good at so many other things I suppose you don’t have to battle at something.
on a personal note, I’m glad you got on well with the fashion students and worked as a team as that was a concern that you worked so much alone, as the workplace is usually about teamwork.

DAD: Strengths, confidence in yourself in that you do not worry about (or even notice) what people might think about what you wear or the colour of your hair.
Weakness, you were always worried about your work and panicked that it wouldn’t be up to standard (unconfident).
I hope thats all ok, that is off the top of our heads and you know we’re not great a verbalising critiques as we were not educated to do that.

SISTER: Right weaknesses are you don’t know how good you are, and try and hide it from others. Strengths you know exactly what you want to achieve and do it.

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