Image Analysis

Sibyl Grey, Leonora Braham, and Jessie Bond in The Mikado
by Herbert Rose Barraud


This Black and White photograph by Herbert Rose Barraud depicts three white European women wearing the traditional Japanese Mikado. Each woman is standing behind another in profile, leaning on the woman in front. Their heads are turned slightly toward the camera, each resting on the woman in front. The woman at the back has the sleeve of her Mikado fully draped. Almost touching the floor, the woman in the middle has curled her arm up so the sleeve is at knee level and the woman at the fronts sleeves are almost completely tucked away. We can assume the image is staged because of the use of European women, wearing the Mikado, which isn’t something that would occur at the time (1885), and because of the painted landscape background, that mimics a set. This relates the photos roots; it’s a documentation of 3 performers in a Comic Opera written by William Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan.

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