Project Evaluation

This second project has been quite intense. I only really started it on the 19th November, and finished it today, the 30th November. But I think my best work come from being under pressure. I started out by looking at the fabric itself, I figured most people would create work based on the pattern on the scarf, so I wanted to so something different. Instantly when i found out the fibres in silk (which the scarf is made of) are miniature prisms which reflect light in all different directions I knew that this is what I would take forward. From this it was artist research, looking at iconic usage of the prism and how to make a prism. I had a lot of trial and error before i go my perfect prism. First i tried using a water bottle and a light on my speakers, this didn’t work. So i tried studio lights with the water bottle, this also didn’t work, the lights weren’t strong enough or focussed enough to create the beam of light required. I had a complete rethink, scouted around some charity shops and found the perfect prism, a diamond shaped candle holder. Now all i needed was a good light source, my online research told me sunlight is the best, however my house literally gets no sunlight in it, so i tried to think of a light source that is strong and quite small. I thought about if a projector would be good, this worked. With my new working prism I got a bit excited and just wanted to experiment with the shapes created, i made a video that showed how moving the candle holder slightly completely changed the light pattern and took images that represented this. My ideas then developed as i tried to incorporate the fabric, i realised if i put the diamond far away from the fabric the fabric absorbed the colour and just produced patches of lights, so i tried moving the diamond really close to the fabric; I started to notice beautiful shapes and colours and snapped away. I thought these images were good until I went to edit them, I realised the fabric wasn’t in focus, but i did gain my final idea from these shots. I realised the close up images worked the best, there is no context, which makes the viewer question what they are looking at, and i thought if i could get the fibres in focus it would bring my work back to it’s original point, the fibres of silk. Then i did my final shoot, after looking at the work of Jason Horowitz, and some of my past work with textures. For this shoot,i used the projector, diamond and a macro lens. When trying to edit the images down i began to get more out of them then i expected, I would be looking at an image for so long i began to put the shapes together and see an image, I decided I would use what I saw as an image title, for instance one was called rocket because to me it looked like a rocket in space; By doing this I am forcing the viewer to take on my view, try and see the images in the same way I did, which is completely different from how we would read the images if they were untitled. I also decided I wanted to print the images big, if i was ever to print them, to immerse the viewer into the colours and texture. I am happy with my final image, it definitely could be developed more, but for this project I think it’s quite a good result, and fits with the conceptual criteria. It’s a shame I had no money to print in high quality, but the images on the disk show the true quality of the image.

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