The fish bowl gallery

for second life we have all decided we will put 5 image in the gallery each. I’ve been thinking for a while what images to put in, do i choose one project? 5 projects? I have finally made my decision to put in my Anime series, because i’ve been trying to work out how to get this project to it’s target audience. Online is the perfect way, a lot of anime fans watch shows online, and also tend to be a bit geekier then your average teen (don’t get angry, i myself am in that group), and from my experience in second life there are a lot of anime groups and places, so my work could reach it’s niche target audience.

These are the images I have chosen from the series.

All the images need retouching, you can see the little black dots where my lens had dust in it.I don’t think I want to title any of the images, I would quite like to have a title above all of them though saying the project title.


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