Day 2: Wunndekammer: 1/3

For 3 days me and Genea Bailey will be helping artist Elly Clarke move her exhibition ‘wunderkammer‘ into TROVE gallery in Birmingham, it was previously a house exhibition in Elly’s flat in Berlin, so this exhibition is very important for her as it is quite personal, this is what happened day 1/3…

Today was great, not what I expected. After wondering around Birmingham me and Genea eventually found the Trove gallery. Not your typical exhibition room but a huge old warehouse, with crumbling walls and metal beams. Elly took me and Genea through the work in the exhibition and told us to have fun with it, try placing things in different areas, and see if it works, if not move it and try again.

It was hard, you wouldn’t think so much work and thought goes into placing objects in a room, but we must have tried about 3 completely different layouts and lighting ideas. On top of this the trove had no heating, so we had to wrap up warm, which made things a whole lot harder. After about 5 hours we decided to leave the objects in their position and go for a drink and come back to the space after, this was a great chance to socialise with Elly and the curator at the Trove gallery, going for a drink was a really good plan because it gave us a chance to refresh our minds, we had been in the space so long it was hard to see how the objects change initial impact. When we returned we all decided there were only a few things that needed to be changed, and we would do them tomorrow.

I learnt a lot from this day, like, everything has to be planned but at the same time you cannot rely on your plan because once your work is in the space the whole layout could change. The lighting has to be planned in the same way, to some extent, so you have everything you need but be willing to change according to the space and atmosphere. I also learnt not to be scared of trying things, if it works great, if not it can be moved, thats the beauty of an unconventional project, and not to rush, take some time out and come back to what you are doing, giving yourself a break is quite important.

TOVE gallery, empty
the exhibition in a box
mine and geneas first object placement, which eventually got moved
our placement which didn't get moved
genea resting after moving heavy sofas
photos in cabinet
on lighting idea we tried, but we all decided it was too dominating and took attention away form the other objects

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