Day 3: Wunderkammer: 2/3

So today was mine and Genea’s second day helping setting up Wunderkammer at the TROVE in Birmingham for Elly Clarke. We made the necessary changes we had discussed the night before and all that was left to do not was to hang some lights. This took an hour or so, lighting is key to the exhibition as Elly originally wanted to use low lighting so people would have to use torches to look around. There was only so much we could do, because it was bright outside so we moved onto the next job until it got dark enough to see the lighting as it’s intended.

the gallery as we walked in, only a few more changes made before we decided on the final layout

Me and Genea were then put in charge of typing the labels for the art pieces, this was a learning experience in itself, having not used a type writer for about 12 years it took us a lot of practices to get it right. We are both so used to making mistakes and erasing them but this wasn’t the case, It took an hour or so because of all these mistakes we made but the labels came out well in terms of aesthetics.

sitting in a cafe in Birmingham, typewriter vs mac

Genea and typewriter
me and typewriter

We then went back to the gallery after dark, to see how it would look in the dark, which is when the show would be in, we all decided it was perfect, and the only thing to do now was hold a great opening night the next day.

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