Second Life: Updates

So I haven’t been able to get online for a while, loads has happened in second life. The gallery is nearly finished, just a few more little touches and were done. This post is going to be a huge update of everything thats happened since i last posted so bare with me, it may be quite long…

Putting Up Our Work

We had some problems with putting up the prims for our work to go on. I was in charge of this and found out that getting a rectangular shape onto a curved wall was very hard, especially when the wall is made of glass so you can’t really see it. Anyway we got round this problem with lots of time, the idea was to have 5 images at the top (of one persons work) then bellow that the next 5 and so on. However we only have a small square of land and some of the curved walls exceed the limit of our land. This means we could not put our work on these walls, so we had to backtrack on ourselves the works are still in sets of 5, but in a less structured order…

Meeting Second Life Artists…

next we wanted to make our fish bowl theme more common throughout the gallery. We spoke to… an owner of an underwater club. She took us there and also gave us some free things to put in our gallery.

The best item she gave us was a giant octopus, which is now our mascot.

Finishing Touches

Lastly we had to do the hardest bit, finishing touches….

We made T-Shirts for our Avatars to help promote the Gallery

We made text to go with our images…

We then made an interactive welcome board that people can get information about the gallery and a landmark.

A Card to hand out to people

And created a bow where people could get a free t-shirt

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