#wordoftheday: Calorie (with a capital C)

It seems ironic, after the past few weeks of mince pies, mulled wine and roast potatoes I am starting the new year and this new project with the word Calorie.

So how do I photograph a Calorie? the basic photographer in me wants to make a saturated Martin Parr style image on a donut or a cake, but this project isn’t about just taking a photo, it’s not even about learning a word new word, it’s about forcing myself into a situation where i have no control over my project subject, and am forcing myself to constantly be producing images. Not doing whats been done before but pushing myself to make something new, which will also help me to grow as a photographer.

The Image

Calories have become such a big deal, my friends are constantly counting their calories and checking packets. But in relation to what we are eating they really aren’t that much. For this image i took a fox’s chocolate biscuit and worked out what percentage of it is calories, i then took an image of the biscuit and cropped it to the size the calories represent. The focus is a bit out, should have worn my glasses

'Calorie' 16% of a fox's chocolate biscuit

Interesting Fact…

One thing I’ve learnt from today is there is a difference between Calorie and calorie. A capital C is used when describing the unit in which we measure food and a lower case C is used when talking about heating an object. (tut tut collins english dictionary, it’s only day one and already I have proved you wrong)

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