Sea Cadets Test Shoot

I managed to get access to the Tunbridge Wells Sea Cadet unit T.S. Brilliant the day before the big group shoot. I wanted to play with lighting because I booked out 2 500w bowens lights. Using lights seems like the only way to do it, but the L.t.Commander (J.Vanns RNR) expressed feelings that he would like the group picture to mimic the one the already have in their unit…

The picture in the unit has only the yellow toned lighting, no flashes. So I did a few test shots today with my two helpers, to work out camera settings and lighting angles, so i didn’t have to bother tomorrow.  Neither images were that great, but it’s going to have to be a see what happens on the day shoot. So tomorrow my plan is it shoot about 1 images with the flash, and 10 without, then show both to the L.t.Commander and offer my opinion that although the natural lit image is not as sharp or professional, it would compliment the previous image well.

Test Shots

Notes for tomorrow

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