Day 6: Tunbridge wells Sea Cadets T.S. Brilliant Photoshoot

Yesterday I shot some group photos for the Tunbridge Wells Sea Cadets, I’ve talked about my planing of the shoot here. I turned up at the unit with my equipment and said hello to everyone. I then watched as they preformed the colours, which is an opening ceremony. I pretty much knew what I was looking for out of this photo because L.t. Commander Jon Vanns showed me a photo that was taken in 1999 of the unit, they wanted something pretty similar. At first i intended to use 2 bowens flashes, but the images came out really cold and blue, so I went without the flashes and just used the model lights and the unit lights. This worked into my favour because the original image is quite yellow toned, and so are the images i took.

We started with group shots, everyone was organised and followed instructions clearly which was very helpful to me. After this i offered my services to take individual photos, that the cadets could then buy.

I am giving a disc of the images to the unit, they will all then look through them together and each fill out a form saying which images they want on disc and/or which they want printed.

I think I will charge £3 for a disc and £10 for each print, this will cover costs and earn me some money too.

Group Shot
Cadet of The Year
Cadet of the Year

20/1/2012 Update…

In terms of orders i have had 10 CD orders and 2 print orders. Which worked out at £50, the prints cost me £5 (£10.00) each and the CD’s cost £1.00 each (£10.00) this means I made £30 on this job, which I am really pleased with, I really love the group photo shots but the individual shots were a spur of the moment thing so they could be better.

All the images I sold on the CD’s had watermarks on, because of social networking copyright laws. ( I realised after the Vintage-Ware photo shoot how important watermarks are)

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