Amazon vs The Darkness

To better the effectiveness of my site I am going to compare 2 websites i regularly visit, that both have intentions to sell.

Amazon is by far one of the biggest retailers today. Packed full of personal advertisements and navigation tools, it differs from the Darkness’ website. While Amazon is more overt and full on with their advertisements The Darkness takes a more artistic approach to sales.

Amazon puts you in a tight community, recommending you things, like a friend would. And showing you what other have bought. In a way it is helpful, why get the item that no one buys instead of the more accessible and sought after item? But can also mislead you into paying more money for a similar product. The difference with the Darkness is there is only 1 item they are trying to sell to you, which is themselves. They have no need for personalized advertisements, because you would think anyone of their site would already have an interest in their product. The Darkness website seems more like a blog then a web space, it has the generic, header, and 2 column features. This is normal for a band, most bands would have started on a site like myspace, who also used to use this layouts, it is like their comfort zone, and an interface their audience can recognize (not being a mainstream band).

It seems that depending on your target audience you should approach sales in a specific way, my methods of promoting myself would probably be more of the Darkness’ style, covert and classy, rather then overt and on mass.

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