branding myself

I need a strong brand for myself, that will make my website consistant and to reveal something about my work. I’ve already started branding myself on my social networking sites, my twitter, blog, flickr, facebook and google+ all use the same profile picture. I have had a ot of good response from people about this photo. I’ve been told it hints towards my love of japanese pop culture, whilst still remaining professional and keeping to my works conventions: a juxtaposition of darkness and colour.

If I was to use this image my colour scheme would be based around it. To be honest I always was to choose monochrome as a colour scheme, as you can see from this blog. My images have bright content but the edges are usually black or grey. I think the monochrome colour scheme is aesthetically beautiful and compliments colour really well. as for the pink, I’m not sue this would work as a colour in the scheme, it’s too feminine and i dont want to restrict my audience.

In my head i envision a grey background (roughly the same colour as this picture) slightly darker grey text (which changes on rollover, maybe this can be where the splash of colour comes in)

The nest thing is the text font, it’s really important, and i think with the grey colour scheme it needs to be quite a structured text, script text would make the grey become to fancy and girly. Also the range of grey tones i will use create a more harsh contrasts so a bold text will compliment this.

I have played around with this before and I have found a text I think suits what i am trying to achieve.

However it’s never good to just look at one font, so here are some more…

These texts are some of my personal favourites that i use in my work. I used the middle one on my last sight, but seeing it online it look unprofessional and too stylised.

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