Google Goggles & blackout strikes

After the last post, I wanted to explore the idea of all the information we need being at our finger tips, we can find out anything about anyone. Google Goggles is an app for smart phones which allows you to take a photo of something and it provides the information about it from online. I think this is really relevant especially since yesterdays wikipedia 24 hour blackout strike. American government are discussing SOP and PIPA policys which mean every bit of information on the internet has to 100% correct and checked. You can imagine what this would do to the online world. Opinion would no longer be allowed, everything would be 100% fact, and blog posts like this would have to be checked before thy could be published. I feel like i need to make a response piece to this. The ever progressing technology which allows us to have all the information we want on demand is at risk of being taken away.

I am really excited about this potential idea, I think i need to look at articles about this and predictions about how it will change the world as we know it.

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