Recapping Digital Media

My brain has been focused on Work Experience this week, it’s been nearly a week since I have done any Digital Work, Rest or Play posts. So i think it’s about time i recapped on my ideas and wether I still think they will work.

Digital Work

I wanted to take portraits of people who work in the digital world. I still like this idea but after talking to other students they are doing similar things but there concept is more developed. I hate producing work that has a similar idea to other people. So I will just have to make it different. Originally I thought about doing studio shoots, but the other night I couldn’t sleep because I kept on seeing this one image in my head. Taking the portraits from above the computer, using the iconic florescent lights of technology as my only light source. I think my next step would be looking at other photographers who have used computer light as a source.

Digital Play

I wanted to take this project title as a chance to expand an existing project. My futurism series was created by taking long exposures  of television screens whilst Anime played on them. I’ve seen screen shots of games which create beautiful compositions, but if I apply the long exposure techniques I could create some interesting images that can push my work further. The next steps would be looking at some more long exposure artists and screen shot artists, and look back on the old work and discus what works and what doesn’t.

Digital Rest

Possibly the one title I am not sure what to do. I know the basic idea, that we immerse ourselves in the digital world to take rest from and escape the real world. But I don’t want to take the generic photo of a person with headphones on staring at their screen. All the images I have found so far in my research are beautiful girls resting in a hazey light. I think i need to do more research in this area to try and inspire me. Thats my next step.

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