Wikipedia Blackout

Wikipedia’s blackout protest home page 18/1/2012. If you visited wikipedia on the 18th wou will recognise this page. The quickly becoming iconic page which is gaining awareness about the legislation being processed in America.

And today you can see Wikipedias thank you page today…

I personally feel really scared by the fact that my freedom of speech will be taking away. All my work and effort on my blog could be taken away because i didn’t spend hours finding the copyright on images, we have all taken photos of google images, this law if passed will radically change the internet and how we use it. Government are trying to get control of the one thing they have no control over.

I feel this subject is starting to go off digital rest. But i really want to do it, its exciting a current an will allow me to learn more about the internet. I will keep researching this legislation and the try and recreate the link to digital rest.

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