Day 8: Poster and Opening night of the mobility project

Unfortunately all the gallery work I spoke about in the previous post was something I couldn’t take part in, I was ill for the main day of setting up so sent a friend in my place. I am really gutted that I missed such a great opportunity to meet the artists and get involved in the debates they had about arranging the work.

However yesterday I was continuing working with artist and curator Elly Clarke, helping her set up the Mobility project exhibition in The Meter Room in Coventry. It was the official launch in the evening so there was lots to do. Me and Genea were asked to get the posters printed for the sandwich board. The Gallery is hard to find so this was important. Elly wasn’t bothered about quality, she just needed poster asap. It was stressful for me and Genea, we had a few hours to print the posters and get them to the meter room in time. We first went to printing bureau in coventry university, only to find out they don’t do same day printing, so we had to look else where, we tried printing them at the uni because we have free printing credits, the colours were a bit off, the blacks weren’t the right tone. We then went to 2 printing shops and they quoted us £20 per A3 print, Elly needed 4 and was on a tight budget, so after a phone call with Elly we decided to just use the library print outs. I know this doesn’t sound to time consuming or hectic, but walking from place to place took us 3 hours and the stress of being under pressure makes simple tasks harder. I learnt from this that if you need posters or any advertisement it should probably be done in advance, you can always print on the day but that may mean you have to compromise on quality.

This was one of the posters Elly wanted printed

The second part of today was the actual gallery opening. It was exciting after all this time setting up to finally be open. I was in charge of documenting this and taking photos for the night. I have done this before with Elly at the Trove Gallery in Birmingham, so i learnt rom last time to try and capture every moment you can, because this will never happen again. Here are some of the photos i took from the night. (I cant upload all of them because there are too many)

I met lots of great people, and figured out a camera is the great way to break the ice at gallery viewings, once you have taken someones photo they are either put off and walk away or open up to you.

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