Day 9: Invidulating

Elly asked me and Genea if we would invidulate the Gallery today, we have to look after the space and show anyone who comes round. It was daunting at first when Elly gave me the keys to the Meter Room so we could open up this morning. It’s a big responsibility, but I made sure they were safe. On the way we had to pick up a projector screen for the panel discussion tomorrow, this was our first hurdle to overcome, the case is massive, heavy and it was raining. We got to the meter room and after lugging the screen up 4 flights of stairs we had to make sure all the art pieces in the gallery were switched on. The projector had to be on and running in a loop, we had to loop the mp3 player for an instillation, turn on ellys tv piece and turn on bex’s computer piece. This was all straight forward. Since then we have been sitting here, waiting for people to show up. As of yet no one has come, but I wouldn’t say it has been a wasted day, it’s good to learn the ins and outs of putting a Gallery show together, I have heard the chaos of organising accommodation and flights from Elly, the further chaos of installing pieces and artists differences and now I am seeing the more mundane side of it, I now feel that I know more about how to run and exhibition and i’m sure all this experience will help me in the future when I am doing my own.

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