Day 10: Panel Discussion

When i left the house this morning I thought that everything would run smoothly. Todays was the panel discussion, I wasn’t really sure what this consisted off but I knew the artists would be making presentations. It started at 2pm but me and Genea got there for 12.30 to help set up. Most things were already done, so Elly asked me and Genea to do the washing up from the opening night. We were happy to do this, then we encountered set back no.1 the hot water tank was broken and so was the kettle, we had no where to get hot water, we had to result to using mostly cold water for the washing up. After this we were asked to run to sainsburys (15 mins before the show started) and grab a whole load of things including a new kettle and some drinks. We made it back with 5 mins to spare, in which time we had to put all the food and drinks out and fill the flask up with hot water, this is where we encountered problem no.2 the flask hadn’t been used in a long time, and when we opened it, it exploded, all of the insides shattered because of the fresh air. We quickly found a replacement hot water holder in the coffee maker jug. We now had 2 mins to set up the camera, we just about got it set up when we got to problem no.3 the camera didn’t have it’s 16gb SD card in, I ran to my DSLR camera while elly was doing her introduction and put the small 2GB card I had inside the camera. The whole time we were filming the artists explain their work, me and Genea were panicing that the SD card would be full and stop filming. This did happen 10 seconds before the last artist finished speaking, annoying, but at least we go most of it. We then had a quick break in which we put all of the files onto a computer and formatted the memory card. We knew there was going to be another break in 30 mins and the camera had lasted an hour before it got full. So we were safe. Until half way through one of the mini lectures the camera ran out of battery. There was nothing we could do but wait for the artist switchover to go and talk to Elly. We then resorted to using Ellys camera which we should have done from the start because the quality is amazing. Everything was fine then we reached problem no.3, Elly’s SD card was full, this happened between artists so we didn’t miss anything, but we had to put 2gb formally wiped SD and in Elly’s Camera, this sorted us until the end of the 3 hour show. The lesson i definitely learned today is never under prepare, always have spare SD cards and choose a camera with a long life battery. It was a stressful day but I will never put myself in such an unprepared situation again.

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