Digital Projects

Play, Rest, Work.

Right so I need to push myself on these projects!!

Rest is causing me all sorts of problems, I kind of ranted about SOPA and PIPA and now realise that it doesn’t relate to digital Rest, Digital Work I have some idea of what I want to do but i don’t feel 100% on it.

I am however 100% on Play, I know I want to do images which follow on from my anime series. I reckon I should start taking photos for Play and then send the next week developing it. So I can then concentrate on Rest & Work. I would still love to do something with SOPA and PIPA, even though the policies have been put on the shelf. I just can’t figure how I will work them into this project.

If I could I would focus all 3 areas on SOPA and PIPA. This could be done. I saw this one twitter picture which has now been taken down, but it was a mans headshot with SOPA written across his eyes a PIPA across his mouth. Suggesting he has been silenced by SOPA and PIPA.

But I can’t get my head around this project yet. I think it’s because for me I work when I rest, my idea of resting it blogging or looking for new photographers, it’s hard for me to think about how i rest.

I think I’m going to carry on with the Digital Play aspect, just because it fits hand in hand with my photography style, and would continue a series that I love producing.

Digital Rest could relate to SOPA & PIPA, like I said in a previous post, I cannot rest if i don’t have access to all information i need. This also makes me think of the Google Goggles which let you see information about anything. Maybe I could make my on picture, Google Goggles style, but instead of the information, have a censorship bar (like the twitter pic) and write PIPA PROTECTED or something like that.

Digital Work seems to be to simple, it was my first idea and unless i’m 100% on my first idea i don’t like to stick with it. But now after writing this all down I feel more confident about Digital Rest. I should maybe start with researching them 2 and developing the projects and then start on Digital Work.

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