More playing with CSS

I wanted to play around with CSS a bit more today. So far I have changed my footer, from credits to the theme maker too…

I still haven’t worked out how to change the background colour, this will be my next step.

hmmmmm, no matter what i put into the body section the colour doesn’t change. I’ve tried both of these…

(the highlighted part is what i have changed/added)

Maybe if I cut the body section out i can see where it is effecting.

With CSS
Without CSS

I can now see the ‘body’ which usually effects the whole page is only effecting the content not the whole page. So how do i cange the whole page?

I realised there isn’t a ‘div’ tag which would usually be what my ‘body’ tag controls. So I inserted a div tag and used my desired colour #e1e0e0.

my page now looks like this

So I can see now that what the writer has done is put all the information into one div, this is irritating because i wanted 2 divs, one as a fixed navigation bar and one as a scrolling content.

This theme is too restrictive and although i’m playing around i want to have a 2 div theme.

sooo… lets start again.

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