Gill Scot-Heron – the revolution will not be televised.

So i finally got down to creating a min video clip of Gil Scott-Herons famous song, the revolution will not be televised. I knew I wanted to incorporate a juxtaposition of images because the song constantly offers us cliche after cliche and then relates it back to the revolution.

I wanted to interpret the song into a modern day version, and for the the biggest revolution has been the on in Egypt, this revolution started in early 2011 and was to provoke an end to President Hosni Mubarak’s ruling.

The Huffington Post wrote…

What’s Going On In Egypt?: Protests started on Tuesday, January 25, when — inspired by the successful revolution in Tunisia — thousands began taking to the streets to protest poverty, rampant unemployment, government corruption and autocratic governance of President Hosni Mubarak, who has ruled the country for 30 years. These were the first protests on such a large scale in Egypt since the 1970s

Gil Scot-Herons lyrics are obviously about equal racial rights, so some part of the song were hard to put images too, I wanted to juxtapose images of the revolution with modern advertising images, because it seems to fit so well. I’ve taken 2 extremes, Egypt revolution and American consumption and put them to this song to make people think about the world in a different way.

Let me know what you think 🙂

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