Our one minute Experimental Narrative piece

This lecture has really made me understand the project a bit more. We were told today that this is our final task.

Create a one minute long, anti-narrative video that questions cliche. We have to try and incorporate unconventional use of screen space. We shouldn’t feel restricted to filming, and we have to push ourselves out of our comfort zone, we can use animation, still images, anything we like. We have to access the irrational of our minds, like i spoke about in my previous post in relation to the surrealist, (mind you i’m not going to drug induce myself or self harm, just to get a good idea). Juxtaposition is a key word, constantly challenging your own work and your ideas.

My first Idea…

This lecture has really made this whole project clearer. I like the idea that a lot of experimental film makers are influenced by art movements. For me, ever since I studied futurism a few years ago, any work a produce is naturally influenced by futurism. For a while i tried to push myself away from it, but then i realised we have to use the things we love and the artists we respect to influence our work. So futurism will be my basis for this project. As far as other ideas go, we do have to push ourselves so instead of putting long videos into a archived snapshot; For example 1 min of footage in one frame, I can reverse this and experiment with stills and time.

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