putting my name on the home page

So i realised i need to make sure my name is on every page to help publicise myself. On the home page I have at the moment it isn’t, so I will insert one and show you how i did it.

I know I want to place it runing up one side of the photo, so I have to find out the px length of the image. i can see here that it’s 600. so when i make a new image in photoshop I want it to be 600px high.

After I have made a new document 600px I type in the text, change the font and colour.

I then rotate the text.

And crop.

Then Save for web and devises (so when loading on my page it take fractions of a second)

I then create a new div, give it an ID, and a CSS rule.

I then have to rearrange the div.

These are two positions that i cannot deicde on…

Maybe i should sleep on it.

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