Social networking icons

Instead of having a long list of words that link to my blog or facebook, I thought it would be nicer to have gravatars. I found this site which lets you download different designed gravatars.

see gravatars here

I scowered through and found 2 that i really liked, but they were both so different.

My creative side wanted the bottom ones, they are very quirky and cute. But the professional side of me knew that the top ones are better for a self branding site.

I chose the ones I wanted and put them into a footer.

This is where i encountered problems with % and px again. I knew the footer had to be in % because if i set it 200px down, it may be on the bottom of my page but not on a bigger or smaller monitor. but then the picture has to be in pixels so again its the mixing of % and px which confuses me so much.

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