more site stuff

So my next task was to insert a home hyperlink to the menu, I had completely forgotten before and i thought it would be easy, apparently not, i didn’t write down the fint size i used and i just cant get the home to match the others. So i will have to make the links all over agin, hopefully this wont take long, because i know how to do it without the video now.

Now they are all matching 🙂 time to resize and align.

and I also added the rollover effect

Right next on the list is making the main body div, this is where text will go, and my gallery too. Once I have inserted this then i just change the content for each page.

Positioning is always difficult to remember. Especially for this div, I don’t want it to be in px because it may only take up part of the screen on a huge moniter, so i want it to be %, but I also don’t want it to over lap the navigation div, I want to set the % in relation to the space left, not the entire page. These are screenshots showing how the different positionings effect the div in relation to the rest of the page.

STATIC – the body div is in relation to the whole page, not te space left, this isn’t the right one for this div
RELATIVE – this looks better, the div is relative to the div before therefore only occupying the space left
FIXED – again not right for this div
ABSOLUTE – this could also be right for me

so its between absolute and relative

RELATIVE – when i preview my page it turns out relative does not go after the previous div
ABSOLUTE – but neither does absolute

as you can see none of these positions fix my problem, maybe i will have to change the navigation bar div to % values and then work out from there how long the body must be.

My navigation bar is 26% so my other div will be 74%. Lets see if that works. Well no 😦 but don’t worry i figured it out.

Next I ust wanted to play around, would borders look nice?

I prefer it without, having a scrolling gallery will give the sense of borders.

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