London Anime Con

SO I have all my equipment booked, ready to go, there is a lot of it because I don’t want to be under prepared. The last things is an actually backdrop, i have a white paper backdrop but this tends to look cheap in photos. SO i’ve been looking online for muslin backdrops, and to my surprise they are quite cheap. I’ve found 3m x 6m backdrops for £30.

The hard decision now is the colour. Personally i feel grey would be the best. Cosplayer costumes tend to fall into one of two categories, OTT colourful or Gothic. I think white would look great with the colourful costumes because it reflects colours well and black would compliment the gothic costumes. But I won’t have time to be constantly swapping backdrops. So grey is a nice balance. I have asked one of the team setting up London Anime Con however, because it might not be fitting with their company colours. So hopefully I will get a reply soon so I can order one.

It’s lucky I asked because they have said they would prefer a white backdrop.

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