lecture 4: virtually real

The main question we were discussing in class today was is digital virtual? or is virtual digital?. At first I was a bit like, ???????? but taking all this evidence into consideration it becomes a lot clearer.

In this kinect video we see the computer learning from the player, the character is not static.

CAVE UT and the Kinect are new technologies that hint to the future of immersive technologies.

The problem is that although we consciously know it isn’t real our brain wants to believe it is, in the CAVE UT video you can see the man loosing balance even though he is on a flat surface.

An extreme case of this is mirror therapy which is used to treat Phantom limp pains.

But perhaps the most interesting video we watched today was an interpretation of Plato’s Cave analogy.

Pretty mind boggling stuff, but once you get your head round it you can start to understand.

We also looked at some photography theory, if a photo is a representation of a moment in time, it can never be reality because the second it is taken it is out of context and out of date. All photos, even documentary is virtual imagery.

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