Thinking about the content

So my basic layout for my site is now complete. I need to start thinking about the content and how i’m going to occupy the page space. Instead of doing trial and error in dreamweaver I am going to use photoshop because I am a lot more confident using it.

So this is my base…

I’ll leave the Gallery section until I find a suitable gallery insertion. Let’s start with contact because that quite simple info…

I will need,

Phone Number
Social networking links (again)

and thats all i will need, in photoshop i have played around with different ways of presenting it.

I prefer the middle one. In regards to the top image the gravatar images are too big, this page is quite simple, and just for information so it doesn’t have to be full and colourful. Time to recreate in dreamweaver.

Maybe with this epage i don’t need the gravatars in the footer because they are in the main page? Also is the fint too small? woud it look weird if it was bigger?

The bigger font (15px) looks fine, but the page looks so empty now, it’s a good base but maybe needs updating  bit later on.

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