Inserting a gallery

So I’ve been looking for a gallery for a while, and finally decided today i need to make a decision.

While searching I found this Photo gallery builder for mac.

I followed the simple instructions and added some images, these are some of the different layouts you can have….

I thought the last layout was most suiting to me so i wanted to test it in my page. The App kindly gives you instructions on how to insert the gallery.

I was really dissapointed with the layout, I didn’t want the images cropped, and i couldn’t change it. So i continued looking.

I found another app, so downloaded the free trial.

The gallery was nice, with easy installation and album choice, but unless you pay the water mark is across the photo, I can’t have this, and it’s not nice enough to pay for.

After this I found WOW Slider. I had looked at it before in my research, but quickly abandoned it because I felt it was too much like the ipod layout. I thought I would give it a chance as it keeps on getting good reviews, and it is a horizontal slider which is what i wanted.

The interface is really easy to use, simply choose your photos and change the settings, you can either then publish to folder or ever more helpfully publish to HTML page.

When the page loaded the images were too large and the gallery was small.

So I made the gallery div bigger.

And attempted to change size of the image in the app

As you can see this just stretched the image, so I opened a new document in photoshop 800px x 600px the size of the gallery, and put each image in one at a time and saved them. This worked 🙂 I then tweaked some final things and put it into my web page.

There are other designs too so i tried one other then the circle dot navigation.

The grey boxes match my picture, but the circles match the footer. But all in all I think i prefer the squares.

However this gallery doesnt have menue options so I will need to create a menu bar, like the one on the left.

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