Narrowing Down my Ideas

After todays Experimental Narrative lecture I feel like my idea is becoming clearer. We watched 2 videos which you can read about here. Watching both these which are strongly influenced by Surrealism, I decided instead of focusing 100% on futurism I will now use it as inspiration but not as my main idea. I then thought about how futurism was obsessed with technology and new media, one of which being the camera, and the way movement can be captured, this also raised issues about time and speed, which became really important to all futurists. There are many people who believe a photo or a film is a way of stopping time, it’s also a way of recording what the eye cannot see. This will be my starting point. To document time in a way the eye cannot see and rearrange time. I still need to think of something to focus on, an object, preferably something mundane which people use every day and never look at. It also has to be visually stimulating though. The way forward now is looking at photographers and video artists who consider time and manipulate it using their medium. Also extreme close up photographers who make you focus on something you wouldn’t usually see.

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