Richard Prince

I need to get started on this images, I know I want to do a reaction to PIPA and SOPA. I have explored this and thought about how I could present my ideas. I have come to the idea I want to take the google goggles software, but instead of having information have a banned by SOPA and PIPA label. I have been thinking for a few days about wether to use my own images or other peoples? If I used other peoples it could be a comment on how much we use other peoples images.

Richard Prince’s photograph of a photo in a magazine sold for $1 million in 2005, it’s a re-photo aka a photo of a photo.

This is my justification for using other peoples images, I wouldn’t usually do it, but I think it will help support the idea that PIPA and SOPA is ridiculous. But thinking about it there would always be information about landmarks, the government would publish it, maybe i should do people, snapshots on the street with the profile information that has been banned. I’ll try both and see what I prefer.

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