Digital Play Final Piece Ideas

I feel like i’m ready to take my final pieces, I had to make 10 images, I was thinking wether I would do a whole series of one game, or 10 different games. I was sure I wanted to do one game throughout until I took the batman photos, and now I think I want to do 10 games. I’m going to use the youtube gameplay videos because it gives me control, I can rewind if I find a visually beautiful scene. So the 10 games,

Halo (100% want to use this game the colours are great)
Grand Theft Auto
Portal 2
Trine 2
Mirrors edge
Fable II
Bio Shock

I tried to pick the most visually pleasing games, however I may find like i did with Call of Duty the game just doesn’t work, but I will start with these 10 and see how it goes.

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