Day 11 & 12: Vintage-Ware website

I am going to be setting up, I did the photos at part of my prof experience too, and have now been asked to create a website. I won’t be doing it for straight days, so I am going to log my hours and add them up to the number of days. I estimate i will spend about 16 hours on the website so I have counted it for 2 days.

9/2/2012 – 2 hours

I will continue adding my work hour log and screen prints.

20/2/2012 – 6 hours (DAY 1 COMPLETE)

After talking with the client they prefer the blue background website, So I used this design throughout the website, I have changed quite a lot today, I really want to get the site finished in time for summer because this will be Vintage-Ware’s biggest time of income.

I decided to change the home page layout because I felt the old one looked miss-matched, I realised the website needed a permanent place to hold the email address because that is the port for all business so I made a side bar, which I als put the mission statement in because I think it is key to the company’s success, the fact it is a home run business.

I am glad to say Vintage-Ware agree with me too, and the new layout is better.

15/3/2012 – 8 hours (DAY 2 COMPLETE)

Today I spent 8 hours finalising the website, a lot needed to be done, I had finished the design aspect in my last work slot, but today I did all the technical things, like hyperlinking and typing up texts. The website is finally finished, I am surprised I didn’t have many problems, but I think this is because I have been creating this website whilst doing the Digital Media Module in which I made my own website, that website did come with all sorts of coding problems but I managed to use what I had lernt from that module on Vintage-Ware’s website which is why it came together so smoothly.

You can find the finished site here @

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