Day 14: London Anime Con

After the stressful saturday we had higher expectations for the sunday, we knew what was expected from us unlike the day before, and we knew the way to go was to approach people, However all the cosplayers there on the sunday had either already been on the saturday and had their portrit done, or were too busy to stop. Unlike the day before most of the main events were in the other room which meant people werent circulating around our area, we took it upon ourselves to ask people if they would like their photo taken, again they all said they were too busy. We had figured out by now that when people see someone is having their photos taken it makes them want theirs done. The whole two days we had nothing for a while then sudden bursts, this is how we realised people will come once we get the first photos taken. One girl who we had taken photos of on the saturday offered to act as a poser, to try and attract people, we chose our perfect moment, just after the cosplay masquerade (then all the cosplayers will be coming off the stage) this plan worked and we took a bit of money, by the end of both days we made just under £100, not amazing but we weren’t doing it for the money, I feel like we got some great portraits out of it and learnt a lot of valuable lessons about how to make people want a photo and how to get people to buy photos.

I think one of the main problems was no promotional material, people weren’t attracted to the table with 2 pieces of paper on it. If we did it again I would suggest that we make some posters or cards we can hand out as we walk round, it makes people more trusting and gives off the organised professional element.

Cosplay photos…

London Anime Con 4 - by Daisy Ware-Jarrett & Genea Bailey
London Anime Con 4 - by Daisy Ware-Jarrett & Genea Bailey
London Anime Con 4 - by Daisy Ware-Jarrett & Genea Bailey
London Anime Con 4 - by Daisy Ware-Jarrett & Genea Bailey
London Anime Con 4 - by Daisy Ware-Jarrett & Genea Bailey

Added on 17/4/2012…

I am very happy to announce that I have been asked to go back to London Anime Con 5 in June. I stated before that there were a lot of things I would have done differently so this is my chance to do them. I contacted Mike and told him about my worries, that we need more promotional material to entice more customers. Me and Genea run an online magazine now (which you will read about later) Mike has given us permission to make promotional materials as part of this company, and has offered to cover payment, which is amazing. The next con won’t be in the module timeframe but it shows how this module works. Forcing myself to contact people has led to an ongoing job that will help me build my confidence and portfolio.

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