coming to terms with fps

The shutter speed &  frames per second (fps) is really important when making a slow motion video, I’ve done a bit of experimenting myself, but I thought I would look at other people experimentations too.

This video is great at showing how the fps can change the whole look of the video.

My next question to myefl was what is the difference between shutter speed and fps? as a photographer Iuse shutter speed a lot but fps is a new concept for me. Yahoo answers tells me this…

That great answer has cleared things up for me, but my next question was how do i change my fps on the HD camera i am using (Sony NEX-VG10)

oh so this is helpful, but i cannot change the fps on my camera, I want to try using twixtor on one of the test videos to see if it actually works, but you have to pay to download it, this could be an option but only as a last resort, I want to see what other cameras I have accessibility to and if they let me change the fps.

After a quick search none of the cameras I have access to can shoot in with a high fps 😦 I do have access to a hand held cam recorder wich has a slow motion option, I will have to experiment with that setting when it is charged.

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