content of my video

I’ve spent so much time looking at the visuals in my video, slow motion and so on, now I know thats 100% what i want to do I need to think of something to film, a subject.

One idea i had a few nights ago was my alarm clock, it’s an old fashioned alarm clock with the bells on the top and hammer in the middle. I think in slow motion this would look really great, the vibrations are something we wouldn’t usually see, and the aspect of time could be tackled, reinforcing the idea of how video manipulates time.

Other ideas that i thought about for aesthetics were, a teabag in water, the slow motion of the tea dispersing in water would look great.

I feel like none of these ideas tackle futurism though, which was my original intent, I think I need to look at more futurism work for some insperations.

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