Establishing my atmosphere

The storyboarding has reminded me how important it is to establish my atmosphere and deciding how i want to position the audience.

Our Module blog also reinforces this…

We looked at two pieces of work Last of England by Derek Jarman and Eraserhead by David Lynch. I wanted to empahsise that their approach dealt not with narrative elements but poetic elements. They focus on creating a mood or evoking strong responses, feelings in the viewer. They control odd juxtapositons of images and sound, repetitons, themes, colour, in a similar way to music composers.
These films deal with simple not complex themes. Ie anxiety, decay, decadence, etc their aim is to evoke these by constructing a visual language that the viewer can feel.

This is the approach I want you to take.

The easiest way to do this is just not think about it too much, run the video through my head and write how i’m feeling.

mystical, timeless, spaced, surreal, slightly uneasy.

Looking at this the colour blue comes straight to mind, i feel like it would work really well, and the bloodshot eye might give it that uneasy edge, but not force people into an uncomfortable position.

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