Futurism research cntd

According to Wikipedia…

Futurism was an artistic and social movement that originated in Italy in the early 20th century. It emphasized and glorified themes associated with contemporary concepts of the future, including speed, technology, youth and violence, and objects such as the car, the airplane and the industrial city.

I know wikipedia isn’t the most reliable research site, but I know that this statement is true, it’s a great simplified statement about what futurism was. “Concepts of the future” is an interesting term, that I could definitely look further into.

When i think of speed, technology, youth and violence I think of video games, I think of a technology obsessed generation. I have recently done a project on all of these themes.

Click the image to see the project

I don’t want to however just carry on this project because I don’t think it fits with my slow motion, unless i took really quick photos/stills and layered them so it became a moving image like this. But again this doesn’t fit in with slow motion.

I doubt I will continue with this but I want to try it, just incase it works. I found this video on how to overlay videos/images in iMovie 11.

So I have taken continuous screen shots form this video of Halo gameplay.

However in iMovie 11 you can only layer one image on top of another, I need to put an image on an image on an image which can’t happen in iMovie 11, so I will try in premier pro.

Actually I think this idea is too cliche, when thinking about the videos we have watched, i.e. David Lynch the impact and poetic aspect was more vibrant and placed the viewer into a specific position. I feel confused about what would be better, the video games or the slow motion. I will make a sample video game video just to clear my head because it may end up working.

as i thought there is nothing really exciting about this, I will focus more on the slow motion aspect I have been looking at.

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