So I’ve decided to develop my alarm clock idea. I wanted to break away from just slow motion videos though because everyone has seen them. This video is ment to be experimental and for me is showing manipulation of time.

I thought about using an eye aswel as the clock, because the circular shape will be consistent in both, also the eye can represent the all seeing eye aka the camera. The slow motion aspect I’ve been looking at is something our natural eye cannot see, but cameras can, this also links to futurism because they believed that technology would enhance the human body.

So I just started playing around and came up with a basic structure…

Bare in mind I have edited this a few times and it took me a good 2 hours to do. After this i thought I should make a story board…

As I was making the story board I realised that i should emphasise the circular structure of the eye and the clock and there similarities by making the eye socket or the eye pupil (not sure which would look best) the same size.

The next thing I wanted to think about is colour, it is KEY to creating an atmosphere. Firstly I thought about having a blue wall behind the clock and a blue eye.


I then thought that blue can be quite calming and i haven’t decided on the atmosphere I want to create yet so I should consider other options.


Red would be an unusual colour, red is not a natural eye colour and the red combined with a ticking clock noise/imagery, and the alarm will create a sense of danger, but in turn this could build up a hype that is never reached.

Combining Blue and Red

I then though what if i used blue as the main colour and juxtaposed it with a hint of red, this could be through bloodshot eyes, a red pen next to the alarm clock, or little hints.

Monochrome and Colour

What about if i combined monochrome and colour?

I feel like if i did this people would understand it more, the grey obviously representing where time is being stopped or shifting, but this isn’t a good thing, I want people to question the meaning of the video and the content.

I don’t think I can decide on a colour until I have chosen how I want the video to make people feel. I should decide on my Impact.

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