I posted before about my intent to join the Coventry East Asian Film Society. A few weeks ago I was contacted and told I got in šŸ™‚ since then I have been really busy and haven’t got a chance to write anything up. I am dedicating Day 15 to the promotions I do for CEAFS. Each promo slot is 2 hours long, so over time they will make up a full day.

31/1/2012 – 2 hours

I wasn’t sure what to expect when i first turned up to promotions, I had seen other people doing it all the time because it is done in my building at university. Me and a team mate began handing out flyers for an official launch event for the east winds film festival, It became clear after an hour of trying to give flyers to everyone that so many people will purposely avoid you, and the types of people who are interested in east asian cinema tend to have a quirky edge. The shift went well and I feel like I came out of my shell a lot.

18/2/2012 – 2 hours

Todays promotions were dedicated to the East Winds film festival which CEAFS are holding, from the 2nd-4th March. We did promotions in the university hub, to get peopleĀ interestedĀ me and the other girls who were promoting put some chinese dresses on. This seemed like a good idea at the time but when the hub door opened it got so cold, we had plans to cosplay for most of the promos but after the Ā coldness of today we may have to rethink, we cannot just wear dresses in the winter. Like the time before handing out flyers was pretty standard, some people got really interested and asked questions while others just ignored us, I think its great for confidence building because you get used to people knocking you back and after a while it doesn’t bother you.

29/2/2012 – 3 hours

My main job for today was to sit in the box office and sell tickets for the upcoming CUEAFS Film Festival – East Winds. It was 2 days before the event so I anticipated selling quite a few tickets. This didn’t go to plan, most people had sorted everything out, however I did sell a Golden Dragon ticket which covers the whole 3 day event, I was pretty pleased with this, I would have loved to sell more but the Ā£25.00 I had made was the biggest ticket sell so far. Working in the box office has made me realise that when you are selling East Asian Film which something that interests you, you cannot just assume that everyone else will just naturally want to come, it is a niche targetĀ audienceĀ and a lot of people pre judge the films, it’s your job to convince them otherwise.

15/3/2012 – 3 hours

Today I was working in the box office, selling DVD’s, it was slow to start with, most modules on thursdays had finished because it was the end of term, so me and 2 other people I was working with took the time to clean up the DVD boxes and the Box office. We decided to do this because the receipt book had been lost and it was vital we found it. We spent 3 hours writing down stock,Ā separatingĀ objects into boxes and eventually came across the receipt book. We may have only sold 1 DVD today but the time we put into organising the stock and all of CEAFS’s paid off as it will make promotions and selling so much easier from now on.

UPDATE – 30/3/2012

The committee elections took place this week and I put myself forward for President, I really feel like I missed out on being part of the society because i didn’t join until 2nd year, and I love the society so much I want to get more involved, I didn’t think I would make president because I had only been i the society for 2 months, but I pitched my case…

and to my great delight I was voted President of the East Asian Film Society today šŸ˜€

This module has forced me to go outside of my comfort zones, and do things I wouldn’t usually, and one of these things is be in a society let alone be president of one.

I start in September and cannot wait to begin.

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