For a while I have wanted to test out my blog on a huge screen computer, because i’m aware that things like width and font will change according to each computer. I set my 13″ laptop next to the 20″ mac screen in uni and compared everything.

When I set my font to Bebus Neue I knew most computers wouldn’t have it, so i put a backup front to Tahoma. This mac have changed the font to Tahoma and the sizing is off. I decided that it’s safer to have a regular font, I may not look as nice but I dont have to worry about compatibility.

I found a website that shows all the standard fonts, I tried some of these and compared them to the laptop screen and the big screen.

The best font turned out to be impact. its bold yet simple, I also changed the sidebar height to 100% because it was too short on a bigger screen.

This is my blog on a big screen…

and this is my blog on a small screen, its quite similar, and in its place which im happy with.


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