I have to insert a gallery into my blog as part of this module, I wasn’t really bothered what it looked like because my website gallery would be my main gallery. I just wanted to show that I could do it.

I began a google search on WordPress gallery plugins

I found lightbox gallery, I had no idea what it looked like but thought I would give it a go, the online instructions were really helpful.

Despite the great instructions nothing happened:(

I tried everything I could think of but nothing worked, then i remembered our lecturer talking about a flickr gallery which links your flickr photos to your wordpress quickly and easily.

I got some help from Pete and together we installed the gallery, it was straight forward and took no more then 5 mins.

However this linked to all my flickr photos, and I didn’t want this, so I had to make individual pages for each gallery and put in a new code to specify which set I wanted wordpress to get the photos from.

This was done:)now I had to change the CSS for the comments box because it looks to out of place.

Yay:)perfect, my blog is nearly finished.

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