Inserting Blogroll and Changing text Line Height

I was made aware today that we have to insert a blogroll of links on our blog to our peers blogs. This is fine, it took me about 5 minutes to make a new Links Category and add the links, however as you can see from the screenshot not all the name fit into the page, and because this div is fixed (out of choice) I needed to make some more space.

I thought about getting rid of the social networking links and having gravatar images that link to the pages. I have this on my website so it seems fitting to use the same ones, which you can see here,

I went into the sidebar php and typed all the necessary coding for a linked image.

As you can see the gravatar is a bit big, so i changed the px size to 20px, and added all the images and links

I also realised I needed to add some sort of gallery to my blog, so i made a new pages and a header Gallery. Again there was the problem that my content was to long for the div.

I tried to get rid of the titles all together, by making the font size really small, and then i would change the font colour to the background colour.

but the h2 tag was used for all the titles, which means it removed the blog post title and my blog title, there was no way of changing the h2 tagging, I asked everyone and they all said the same. But if i changed the font of h2 only the widget titles changed colour, this was very confusing, and i was told there is obviously an internal style sheet I have no access to, so there is no way round this.

I thought if I could get rid of the huge gap between the title and the list I would be able to fit it in. I spent about an hour looking for the right coding and then eventually asked for help. Me and my lecturer both searched endlessly in php and css to find the coding, eventually we did:)it was in the wrap section, rather then the side bar where you asume it should be.

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