Digital Rest practise images

I really want to get the lighting for these photos down, so i thought I would practise taking photos which use the computer screen as the only light source. I also wanted to play around with compositions.

I was quite pleased with the first few images, the third one had a longer exposure, I wanted to try and add more context in the surroundings but it ended up over exposing the face.

I tried a different angle which i like 🙂 the focus is a bit off, but this sort of angle makes the subject subordinate, which could be quite good in relation to sopa and pipa.

This angle give a fly on the wall atmosphere, which woud work well in relation to sopa, it also makes the image look less staged. However the image is over exposed.

The images are a good starting point, I would want to have more context however, not immersing people in it but hinting towards objects in the background.

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