Digital Work

I know I keep on changing my idea but I am really happy with my final one, it developed form my previous idea of creating montage/double exposures of people who work in the digital field and a screen shot of their work. However this seemed too staright forward to me.

Then I started thinking about how common it is for employers to use google as a way of searching for an employment candidate. I wonder how many photos I can find of people I know just by using google. I will then demonstrate how easy it is for employers to find these images by making a collage. montage of them all.

Lets start with myself as a tester.

First i tried layering the photos using overlay…

The i tried just changing the opacity

Then I thought more about the composition, what if I matched all the eyes up? would it look more effective. I tried this and set the layers of soft light.

I think the last photo looks so much better, I wasn’t expecting it to look like this, maybe its because there are quite a lot of images when you search my name. I really like this idea I am going to start making my 9 other final pieces.

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