‘Bullshit and the art of Crap detection’ by Neil Postman – 1969

These are my thoughts and notes on ‘Bullshit and the art of Crap detection’ by Neil Postman…

Crap Detecor = originated from Ernest Hemmingway interview, he was asked is there one thing needed to be a good writter, and answered, “Yes, a built in, shock proof, crap detector.”

types of bullshit…


When people use fancy words and phrases to make the reader think they are clever when they are really incapable.


“It has almost no tolerance for any data that do not confirm its own point of view” here the fanaticism is shown through the idea of a WWII Jewish man trying to spare children from the gas chamber, and the executioner replying “If we do it for one, We do it for all”


A form of talk, harmless. From the essay I gather that this is has been blow up by the mass media, people who have little knowledge of something are now in a position where there opinion can be heard and registered, even though they have no understanding of the subject. The reminds me of youtube videos, people spreading their opinions online and having them read and quoted all over the shop.


“Superstition is ignorance presented in the cloak of authority” this is what Postman described superstition as, I chose to quote it because I think it is great. The idea that someone who is highly regarded can be seen as always being right because of their position has always ben a joke to me. This makes me think of the Pope, he was born into his religion and made his way up the food chain, so therefor he has the power to tell me how to live my life? I don’t think so. Superstition Bullshit at it’s worst.

I think i love this guy. Usually I find it so hard to read allocated text because  I have to google every other word and get headaches interpreting it, it’s great to know someone is using their authority and position to stop the Bullshit, instead of conforming to the educated and their way of writing.

I really want to follow up on postmans work it’s very refreshing.

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