I almost feel like i want to scrap the duc tape idea, and just create beautiful images just using technology light. I could do portraits of people resting with technology, or one person and all the ways they rest with technology, i feel like all my research has gone to waste but i really don’t want to take the idea forward, and my other sets of images haven’t really involved much lighting so i want to do one set based on beautiful lighting and exposures.

Ways I rest with technology…

i pod

I can only think of 5 but I have just had another idea, i could look at relationships and technology, all I can think of now is 5 images of me laying on my bed using these technologies paired up with 5 images of my boyfriend laid on the other side of the bed/his bed  using these technologies too.

If I photographed in seperate rooms I could talk about how when we were in a long distance relationship technology was a vital part of our relationship and if I didn’t have acces to technology i couldn’t rest.

However if i did it on the same bed it could be a comment on how sometimes in a relationship you can be not focused on each other but technology instead.

I’ve taken some shots i like and i think this project will work.

I have taken a few images of myself just to get an idea of how this will work, and I have created layout ideas with them…

This was my first idea…

I will use the same screen space and the same positioning with a man on his bed so it is like were facing eachother.

I then thought about turning this round so it resembles laying on a bed more.

I think i prefer the second layout but I will test it again when I have both sets of images.

These images were lit by a phone, i think the composition of the image depends on which way round it looks better because this image loooks better landscape…

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