Lecture: A level playing field

This is a lecture I attended but for some reason didn’t write up anything, silly me.

The democracy of technology is a term which hints to ideas of technology empowering the average jo. A theory that i am 100% behind and the reason i love technology.

This video is a comical approach to this idea, it highlights the negatives it has on us though, but is still pretty funny.

This is a quote from one of mashable articles on traditional press and their discoveries…

  • The balance between traditional and new media has tipped in favor of social media and citizen journalists. No longer can traditional media outlets ignore citizen journalists, “amateur videos” on YouTube or information streaming in from other social media platforms. In fact, more journalism professionals in the region are using social media to engage their audience in new ways.
  • More social media-friendly content are being produced to cover news and events in the region, thanks in part to HTML5. HTML5 video facilitates posting more videos and pictures as well as making them more accessible since videos can be inserted with just a tag on many websites.
  • Social media has stepped up to defend press freedom as well as more general freedoms. In countries like Morocco, social media has become the fifth estate since traditional media haven’t been able to play its role.
  • Traditional journalists in Middle East need to gain the public trust, especially with since young people “have a little time and respect for their press,” asserts Rami G. Khouri, who works at the American University of Beirut.
  • Social media activism is the arm of revolutionaries. Most Arab countries had very few pro-government social media activists; Bahrain has the most, probably because 90% of Internet users there have a broadband Internet connection. MASHABLE.com

Sir Frances Bacon –

Knowledge is power

A famous quote from 17th century which is still relevant today. The Internet is our biggest source of knowledge, so does this enpower us? I think it does, the knowledge might not belong to me but it belongs to an extension of me, the internet.

Not all of this knowledge we access however is true, thats the problem with the internet and sites such as wikipedia, is it knowledge if it has come from an anonymous person?

This famous video looks at the ways in which something we perceive as knowledge isn’t real, but it doesn’t mean it’s not teaching us something.

And whilst this hoax statement is a fantastic piece of protest, and seems like we have the power the government are on top of it.

It’s often reported the government use shock tactics in order to take our minds of elections or legislations they want to pass.

The turing test

This is a paper written by Alan Turing in (1950)

he discusses wether it’s possible to create a machine that is indistinguishable from a human being?
Google have used Turings methods and findings to create the first AI

  1. Captcha – Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.
  2. Caffeinated content – automated marketing.
  3. In 2010 Google introduced AI as a service

This Amber Case TED talk is a famous video which is called we’re all Cyborgs now.

One of the most shocking examples of human error which in my mind is why we will be able to distinguish between human and computer is the FBI’s prediction of Osama Bin Ladens appearance.

The FBI used an image of a man who look like Osama and the most recent image they have of Osama to create the middle photo. However they didn’t check their sources and the image they used to create this face was a Spanish Politician.

In my opinions the internet is a level playing field but like anything else you have to know how to use it well, a teenager can have as much power as the president online if they are savvy, but we have to remember there is a world outside of the internet and the power lies in money in that world. Which is why the internet is brilliant, for the first time money cant limit or buy you power.

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