Lecture: Here comes everybody

This is a lecture I missed but I still want to respond to the content because I’m findin these lectures really interesting and eye opening.

The title of this lecture is taken from a book by Clay Sharky. This book basically says that everyone has the opportunity to talk because of new digital medias.

I’ve been looking at Clay Sharky’s Twitter and Blog and some of the content is really interesting, take this tweet…

Thoughtful insights to the world we live in and how it’s changing, definitely going to follow 🙂

And his blog states

I study the effects of the internet on society.

There is nothing more current and relevant to mine and my peers life at the moment then this study.

This is a viral by Michael Wesch called the machine is using us.

One of Wesch’s main talking points is participation, before the internet participation involved some input, you had to move and put yourself out there to participate, but today you can participate in almost anything without moving or seeing anyone, which i a strange thought but is so true.

This lecture by Wesch to the library of congress looks at user generated content…

These are my thoughts on the video…

YouTube is a great platform for showing how we do participate in advertising rather then just consuming, hundreds of mock videos or remakes of adverts are made and this shows the viewer thinking about a in turn promoting the product, whereas before the internet this couldn’t happen unless you had enough status to be on a TV talk panel or writing for a news paper.

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