Lecture: The future of Digital

In my past post i wrote about immersive technologies and what we talked about in lectures. This lecture was an extension of that as we talked about the future of advertising and immersive technology.

Like in this minority report clip, (this project is teaching me minority report is the most accurate futuristic film, I have used it twice now to predict the future of technology.)

IBM’s predicition about future stores will be:

Sense and respond environments that morph themselves to meet the temporal demands of customers’ immediate shopping objectives.

The adverts will target us as an individual. This excites me because I embrace the future of technology, the only thing that I don’t want is the selective product aspect. For example If i go into superdrug and buy blue hair dye that doesn’t mean I want it all the time, I’m scared my shopping experience will be limited and I won’t be offered alternatives but I could be over thinking this, I love the fact ebay finds me things ill like via cookies because it saves me time and effort, so maybe the shops will be like this.

Surely this means technology will become ubiquitous, in this BBC article on the minority report adverts they explain more about ubiquitous technology.

We were also told today that googles specs are du to be released at the end of the year, as I said the future excites me but maybe thats because it’s the future, and its just an idea, when it becomes reality my attitude might change.

This video is a more cheesy approach to future technology, that at the time people laughed off, but now it’s so real.

The Semantic Web

The Semantic eb is hard to get your head round, what I got from it was that its artificial intelligence that allows the computer to read the web pages and respond on its own.

This is a great introduction to the semantic web in simple terms by the legend that is Tim Berners-Lee.

So to round it off the future of technology and the internet it to enable technology to recognise us and communicate with us. My main concern is is it going to end up like Wall-e? humans being fat, lazy and incapable of direct human communication.

watch from 1 min onwards…

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